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About Us

Who we are

INOX CITY has 16 years experience of manufacturing a wide range of bespoke balustrades, canopies, furniture and other fabrications made of stainless or mild steel, brass and aluminium.

We have gained a vast amount of experience in shipping and installing our products throughout the Europe and Asia. Our gates, railings, canopies and various supporting structural components are already installed in United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Our manufactured products have reached as far as Kazakhstan and Dubai.

Our products are manufactured in Lithuania - Vilnius, then carefully shipped to the UK and expertly installed by our installation team. For more information regarding the workshop please contact us.

All designs are manufactured to meet British and European legislations and in accordance to current UK Building Regulations and Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) guidelines.

Why choose us?

Fast, friendly and professional service

Wide range of manufacturing capabilities

Committed to high quality from start to finish

Fast, friendly and professional service

Scheduled projects delivered on time

Competitive and affordable pricing

International experience

Fully insured

5 years warranty on works

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